Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a REC?

A REC (recovery engagement center) is a low-barrier, community-based organization that offers resources to help addicts and their families stay engaged in recovery. Safe Haven and other RECs are community-funded and volunteer ran. They depend on the community to thrive.

2. What does Safe Haven offer?

Safe Haven Recovery Engagement Center serves all of Orange County and offers experience, strength and hope to addicts and their families by helping with resources.  Safe Haven can connect addicts to treatment or recovery resources, as well as connections to employment, transportation, 12 step meetings and support 

from others by offering a "hang out" for people in the community that everybody knows is a sober, safe place.

3. How is the Safe Haven Funded?

Currently, Safe Haven is funded by the community through donations. Donations come from individuals or corporate sponsors. We are also always actively seeking funding through state and federal grant availability.

4. Won't a REC bring more drugs into the county?

A common concern we hear in the community is "Not in my Backyard Syndrome." Many people think that if recovery or treatment options move into a county, that more drugs will follow. Fortunately, the opposite is true. Having a REC in the county helps encourage recovery instead of active addiction. Any addict and their families that are using the REC are looking to better their lives and choose sobriety, not continue active drug use. We want to promote a recovery-oriented environment so that an environment of active addiction is not the norm in Orange County!