Our Mission


Provide a clearinghouse of resources for those in recovery or newly in recovery

Safe Haven will connect people to social services available in our county and/or surrounding area: 

food, transportation, employment, housing or anything else that is needed to strengthen recovery.

Provide a centralized location to host recovery, peer-based meetings

Safe Haven will provide a space to host a variety of meetings including, but not limited to: AA, NA, SMART, Celebrate Recovery and faith-based meetings.

Provide a safe, sober spot

A person in recovery must change their people, places and things. Safe Haven will offer that one safe space 

for those in recovery. Read a book, attend a meeting, grab a cup of coffee and surround yourself with a new social circle that is healthy for you and your new lifestyle.

Educate and reduce stigma

Safe Haven is dedicated to continuing education for the community of Orange County, as well as working to reduce stigma associated with substance use. Stigma Kills. 


Safe Haven collaborates with any and all organizations. Safe Haven is a member of the Indiana Recovery Network, the Indiana Addiction Issues Coalition, as well as having a working connection with Indiana Recovery Alliance and multiple treatment centers in the state. We continually work to strengthen and add to those collaborations. 

Do you know somebody that we should collaborate with?

Policy Reform

Safe Haven is dedicated to help influence policy reform in the state and nation that will directly or indirectly impact those suffering from substance use, those in recovery, and the families that have been affected.